There is a growing number of entrepreneurs interested in making their mark. The allure of having your own business, keeping your own hours and other perks that come with entrepreneurship can be quite tempting.

However, before you quit the rat race in favor of becoming an entrepreneur, it helps to have some business education. You do not need to attend formal classes to learn about business, though. You can take advantage of open courseware classes on business and management, helping provide you with a solid basis for the decisions you make as an entrepreneur. These 50 open courseware offerings can help you learn more about business and management — without ever stepping foot in a classroom:

Basic Business

Get the ins and outs of business on a basic level. These business classes provide a helpful look at what business is about, including insights on marketing and other business basics. Learn the principles that can help you build the business you are looking for.

  1. Capital Markets: Get the lowdown on capital markets and how business works from UC Irvine.
  2. Finding information in business and management: A helpful course that addresses how you can use information to your advantage.
  3. Introduction to Business: Kaplan University offers a look at the basics of business.
  4. Business Ethics: Learn about the basics of business ethics.
  5. Entrepreneurial behaviour: Open University offers great insight into what makes an entrepreneur.
  6. Marketing communications as a strategic function: How your communication methods work with marketing.
  7. Introduction to Marketing: A great look at the basics of marketing.
  8. Making and using rules: Another offering from Open University focuses on rules and how they apply to business.
  9. Information Technology Essentials: This course will give you what you need in order to use technology in your business.
  10. Global Marketing Strategy: Utah State University offers a look at taking your business to the global level.

Business Organization

From putting together a business plan, to organizing your business to figuring out the legal structure, these open courseware classes can help you figure out how your enterprise should be set up.

  1. Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager: MIT offers a great look at the basics of business organization and the law.
  2. Corporate Governance: Connexions offers a look at the basics of encouraging ethics in business organization.
  3. Organizational Processes: A look at how businesses are organized. From MIT.
  4. Managing Organizational Change: A great lecture from Harvard on organizational change.
  5. Individuals, Groups, and Organizations: Learn about how people fit into your organization.
  6. The Case for Sustainable Business: A look at organizing your business into a sustainable model.
  7. Research Seminar in IT and Organizations: Economic Perspectives: Insightful consideration of IT and business organizations.
  8. Integrating eSystems & Global Information Systems: Considers how your IT organization is integrated.
  9. Environmental factors and organisations: Open University looks at some of the influences on your organization.
  10. Search Engines: Technology, Society and Business: UC Berkeley offers a helpful course on business organization and online search.

Business Management and Leadership

Learn solid principles of management and leadership that can help you inspire others to help you and work with you. Great insights on leading your enterprise to lasting success.

  1. Managing projects through people: The Open University offers helpful insights into using people to effectively manage projects.
  2. Leadership Mashups: Innovation: A great Slideshare presentation on innovation and leadership.
  3. Leadership and Agility: A business professor offers an enlightening look at leadership and agility.
  4. Designing and Leading the Entrepreneurial Organization: Tips and more on how to lead as an entrepreneur.
  5. Emotional Intelligence: A good leader is emotionally intelligent. Connexions offers a helpful course on developing your emotional I.Q.
  6. Making decisions: Find out more about making decisions as a leader.
  7. Training and Human Resources Development: Learn about human resources and developing a good system from UC Irvine.
  8. Strategic HR Management: Improve your management ability.
  9. Power and Negotiation: Addresses issues of power, leadership and your ability to negotiate and inspire.
  10. Dynamic Leadership: Using Improvisation in Business: A helpful look at improvising as you lead.

Money Management

Some sort of money sense is essential to entrepreneurs. If you are looking for information on how to manage your cash flow as a business owner, these courses can be quite helpful.

  1. Taxes and Business Strategy: Learn how to incorporate taxes into your business strategy.
  2. Principles of Microeconomics: Yet another MIT course, this one focusing on microeconomics.
  3. Economics Interactive Tutorials: A great resource that can help you learn about economics.
  4. Financial Accounting Principles: Harvard offers a great overview of basic accounting.
  5. Assessing Your Company’s Financial Needs: Kutztown University of Pennsylvania offers this helpful tutorial.
  6. Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting: Basics of accounting.
  7. Fundamentals of Financial Planning: Get the basics of financial planning from UC Irvine.
  8. Family Finance: While not a specific business course, this class is nevertheless useful with basic principles.
  9. Finance Theory II: Continue learning about finance theory from MIT.
  10. Business Analysis Using Financial Statements: A great course meant to help you learn how to use financial statements.

Self Improvement

Many business owners, entrepreneurs and others in the world of industry have a hard time managing their time, and improving themselves. Learn how to get control of your life, and improve various skills, so that you will be a better businessperson, as well as better in other areas of your life.

  1. What is good writing?: Become a better writer and communicator.
  2. Time Management Exercise: Notre Dame provides a great course in improving your time management capabilities.
  3. Establishing Relationships with Other Professionals: Learn how to get along with others.
  4. Giving and Receiving Feedback: BBC offers a great training module and effective feedback.
  5. Language and Communication: Foundations: Get helpful information on communicating from Western Governors University.
  6. How to Conduct a Meeting in an Intercultural Setting: Considers ways you can be more effective across cultures.
  7. BBC Language Courses: Some great guides to help you learn a little more about different languages.
  8. Problem Solving Exercise: Capilano University offers a helpful course on solving problems.
  9. Communication, Conflict & Commitment: Get an idea of how to resolve conflict and communicate better with this course from Utah State University.
  10. Implementing the project: Learn more about how to overcome challenges and how to be more effective as a business leader.

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