Running a web business can be a great way to make a living while allowing yourself more personal freedom. A web business allows you to stay home with your kids, or just have the luxury of not having to go into a physical workplace everyday. Whether your web business is a full time venture for you, or you’re still working in that direction, these websites can help you get the business up and running, and keep it that way as time goes on.

  1. Wake Up Later: This is the blog of a freelancer who builds websites for online income. Through this blog, he shares the techniques he has used to make his website a success. He runs a very successful web business of his own, so he is able to offer very valuable information to those who are just starting on this journey.
  2. John Chow: This blog is titled “Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dotcom Mogul”. John Chow describes how he got his online business running and how he keeps it going. John Chow is a very successful internet businessman, and he has lots of ideas and advice that will be useful to your business.
  3. Wise Geek: Wise Geek offers great advice on building a website for your business. They can likely answer any question you might have on the subject. They offer great links to other sites that can provide services or tutorials for you, too.
  4. Sparkplugging: This is a great website for learning about running a web based business. You’ll even get ideas on what kinds of businesses you can run from home. If you know that you want to run a web business, but aren’t sure what kind of business, or where to start; this is a great site for you to review before you get started.
  5. Startup Design: This website gives you lots of great information on the cost of starting the website for your business. There are also some great links on the site that can help your business in other ways. Understanding the costs that you’re bound to incur is an important first step in being truly prepared to get your business going from a financial perspective.
  6. This is a great site for getting tips and information on starting and running your home business. There are also some good links to other sites here. You’ll refer to this site over and over again for tools and tips.
  7. Spyre Studios: Spyre Studios offers lots of tips and advice for those starting their businesses from home. It also offers some sound advice on the realities of running a web-based business, and what you should expect. Their article on the pitfalls and unpleasant news about running a web based business is a “must read” for every new web business owner. By understanding the problems you’re sure to face with a web based business before you get started, you’re more likely to be able to be prepared for what’s ahead. This preparedness increases the likelihood that your business will be successful.
  8. Entrepreneur’s Journey: This site is designed for all types of entrepreneurs, but it does offer some specific insight into running a web-based business.
  9. Web Hosting Search: This site offers great links to provider sites and other great information to help you run your web-based business for as little cost as possible.
  10. A Web Biz: Great information on how to start and run a web based business. You’ll get lots of links to other helpful sites, as well as tips on doing your own web design, which can save you lots of money.

Running a web business is a very doable business goal for many people. Whether you want to start a new business that is solely web based, or you want to expand your business with a web presence, you’re sure to find these websites extremely helpful.

The more of the website work you can do yourself, the more overhead you’ll save. These sites should help you not only do your web business right, but develop it in the most economical way possible.

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